Wheel Power – Kids Pushrim Covers

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Wheel Power – Kids Pushrim Covers

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Wheelchair rim covers

(wheelchair rim covers)
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Kids pushrim covers are made from soft PVA rubber material (no silicone). They mount easily on the rims and fit like “second skin”. Wheel Power Rim Covers improve your child’s grip, protect the hand from the impact on the rim, and add power to the push. It effectively saves your child’s energy: due to improved traction, less energy is needed for pushing the wheelchair. The covers come in 8 bright colours.

IMPORTANT: Please note the product specifically developed to increase friction. When outside, we recommend to use it in combination with wheelchair gloves to protect your child’s palm skin.

Now if you are ready, choose your powers:

Fire (Red)

Dragon (Green)

Comet (Blue)

Star (Yellow)

Princess (Pink)

Unicorn (Purple)

Magic (Black)

You can pair your Wheel Powers with Spinning Magic spoke covers for additional color combination or contrast.

Choosing the size of your kids pushrim covers: IMPORTANT!

Choose the size of the pushrim covers based on the size of the wheelchair tires, NOT the size of the handrims. The size of the wheelchair tires is usually printed on the tire. If you have 24 inch tires, choose 24 inch below.

Choosing the colour of your kids pushrim covers:

Black rim covers may get warm in the sunlight. Light colours will show dirt more. Note: rim covers can be easily cleaned.

For a review about our kids pushrim covers, please click this link.


Kids pushrim covers go very well togehter with kids spoke wraps. To see more, please click this link.

Additional information


24 inch, 22 inch, 20 inch


Red – Fire, Green – Dragon, Blue – Galaxy, Yellow – Star, Pink – Princess, Purple – Unicorn, Black – Magic

1 review for Wheel Power – Kids Pushrim Covers

  1. Jenn Allen

    We wanted the pushrim covers to keep hands warm when the metal is cold in winter, but they’re also great for hot metal in summer, and a better grip on hills and rougher terrain. Our seven year old is able to do bigger hills on his own, and keep up a better speed with these. They were easy to put on and don’t have any issues staying in place.

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