Spinning Magic – Kids Spoke Wraps


Spinning Magic – Kids Spoke Wraps


Colorful spoke wraps that improve the look of your spokes

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Kids Spoke Wraps add more magic to your wheels with colourful spoke covers, combine with Wheel Power in matching or contrasting colour for brighter wheels.

Choose your magic:

Power (Red)

Potion (Green)

Star Dust (Blue)

Twinkle (Yellow)

Sparkle (Pink)

Treasure (Purple)

Wizard (Black)

Rainbow (Multi colour)

Spinning Magic spoke covers fit over spokes of 23cm (9 inch) length and smaller. There are 72 covers in a package.

Installation tutorial for kids spoke wraps:
1. Cut the covers with scissors to the length of your spokes. (Most 24 inch wheels will not require cutting. Smaller wheels (20 and 22 inch) may require cutting.)

2. Use your finger nail or a key to open up a cover where it is split.

3. Push the opening onto your spoke and press down along the cover until it wraps around the spoke.

If you have thicker type of spokes, contact us before ordering, because some of the covers may not fit your spokes well.


Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 12 × 0,5 cm

Red – Power, Green – Potion, Blue – Dust, Yellow – Twinkle, Pink – Sparkle, Purple – Treasure, Black – Wizard, Multi colour – Rainbow


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